Collen - Retribution Paladin [ACCEPTED]

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Collen - Retribution Paladin [ACCEPTED]

Postby Collen » 28 Jan 2014, 17:09

I'm a laid back guy who might lay more weight on having fun than playing to win but it doesn't mean i don't like to make an effort.

Name: Benjamin
Age: 21 years old
Location: Denmark
Character: Collen
Role applied for: Retribution - DPS
Progress on legendary quest: 9/20 secrets atm for "Secrets of the First Empire"
Armory Link: ... len/simple

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
I had been looking for a guild for a while which would be most appealing to me, I searched the wowprogress because i had heard it was a great site to find guild and I thought this guild seemed very nice since it seems casual but still somewhat serious, which I'd like to be a part of as well

Tell us a bit about you?
I started playing a bit before the launch of TBC and I got to level 70 on my rogue I started out doing PvP mainly where i went over to do some PvE as well in the end of TBC. In WotLK I played warrior mainly till the start of MoP and now I have been playing this paladin which is the class i enjoy the most.

Recent previous guilds and why you left them?
I haven't been a part of a guild really during this expansion.

What interests you in this game and why are you playing it?
I like gear because of optimization and what you can do with it, I enjoy the progression you make with your character pretty much too.

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer that is able to play the game with details turned up.
- An connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequent disconnects.
- Control of your emotions and a guild first attitude.

Raiding Schedule (invites start 15 minutes before)
- Thursday, 20:30 - 24:00 (10man)
- Sunday, 20:30 - 24:00 (10man)
- Tuesday, 20:30 - 24:00 (optional raid)

Participation in at least 1 weekly raid (on average) is the bare minimum. How many of the above raids do you anticipate to be in, on average?
I have school on tuesdays where i usually am home around 21:00, else i have time any other day

Briefly list your WoW raid experience. Only list progress that was done when it was current expansion, including the class you played them with.
TBC: combat rogue: cleared kara, zul aman, magtheridon's lair only got tier 4 content.
WotLk: Fury warrior and combat/assasination rogue: did mostly everything a few times except for ulduar
Cata: wasn't that active until the end where i got to do a little clear firelands a few times and raid DS quite frequently at the end.
MoP: havn't done much in mop

How do you see your role in raids? What abilities do you use and briefly describe your rotations/priority system.
I usually deal damage so I try to pay attention where to stand and what to do which is assigned for my role. I keep up inquisition and try to time my cooldowns as best in a way it will benefit me the best for example would i try to avoid using CDs if i know i won't be able to attack a boss in x amount of time and follow the priorities of abilities i have.
Right now i go 2 haste > 1 str for instance since it's better for my gear level i believe.

Explain what talents and glyphs you are using and why.
Tier 1: Pursuit of Justice, it grants me a nice passive movement speed and i can put 175 haste on boots instead of 140 mastery.
Tier 2: Fist og Justice, is usually my choice of preference because it's what i find most useful in most situation due to some adds be stunable
Tier 3: Sacred Shield, is probably best for raiding since it's pretty much free for me to use when everything else is on CD, either way i use Selfless healer or Eternal Flame for solo play.
Tier 4: Unbreakable Spirit, it gives me a better overall survival i think: shorter CDs on divine protection, lay on hands and divine shield.
Tier 5: Holy Avenger, I like holy avenger because it gives a even higher burst on demand i think. Might switch to Sanctified Wrath at some point since i have heard it should be better at higher ilvl.
Tier 6: Execution Sentence, Is for single target dps and "Light's Hammer" i use for fights that require high AoE damage.

Major Glyphs: "glyph of inquisition", for soloing might switch it to "mass exorcism" where AoE damage is needed. "Glyph of Templar's Verdict" for an almost passive damage reduction effect on myself and "glyph of double jeopardy" for a little extra judgement damage on aoe fights.
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Re: Collen - Retribution Paladin

Postby Zeilyn » 29 Jan 2014, 09:56

Thanks for you application Benjamin,

Will you be online tonight around for a chat on TS ?
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Re: Collen - Retribution Paladin

Postby Collen » 29 Jan 2014, 20:51

I am on probably all evening
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Re: Collen - Retribution Paladin

Postby Zeilyn » 29 Jan 2014, 21:48

Won't be online anyway, we'll do it later.
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Re: Collen - Retribution Paladin

Postby Zeilyn » 02 Feb 2014, 00:28

Accepted as raider prospect. Welcome to the raid team.
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