Shamele - Elemental Shaman [ACCEPTED]

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Shamele - Elemental Shaman [ACCEPTED]

Postby orckesh » 01 Feb 2014, 02:34

About You

Name: Charlie
Age: 19
Location: United Kingdom
Character: Orckesh-Wildhammer
Role applied for: Basically my Shaman is currently Resto and ele, however I have been speaking to Zeilyn and he said that it would be more beneficial for me to go to enchance which I am more then happy to do apart from I have no gear which we have already spoken about, and I understand it isn't really an issue :)
Progress on legendary quest: Currently on the 3000vp part, I'm quite a way behind due to a break from wow meaning i couldn't keep up with quests like this and so on
Armory Link: URL here

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
I would like to join you, because from the chat I had your guild seems like something I would really like to be a part of, I have also read the rules of raiding and the spoiler free aproach really appeals to me as a player. I used to run a guild which did our raids in a similar way, it gave me the feel of being in control alot more rather then just watching constant tactic videos for ages and everything feeling very mechanical, doesn't feel right, its nice to do things a bit more freely. I heard about you through my forum post on the official forums where I was contacted.

Tell us a bit about you?
There isn't much to tell, I'm a very socialable person in real life, I like to go out drinking when I get the time, I also play football down at my local goals arena, im the captain of my team, and we are currently one of the best teams down there, which makes me feel like I do something right as captain. The rest of the time, I'm either playing wow, or seeing my girlfriend, which i have to do so often each week else I dont think she'd be too happy with me which i dont want. I'm currently working on the railways as a strapman, which basically means i isolate the electricity allowing people to work on it. My shifts can vary at times, but normally its late nights, which wont affect with raiding and if it does, i will say before hand :)

Recent previous guilds and why you left them?
Dyntasy my current guild, due to lack of progress, and I dont fancy not getting to see any content before the new patch otherwise this whole expansion seems like a bit of a waste to me.

What interests you in this game and why are you playing it?
This is an awkward question for me to answer because I really don't know anymore, I think its just because i've been playing for like 6years or so now and its just so damn addicting haha, and also i do enjoy a good raid, its nice to get some alone time on wow and smash some bosses in the face :) or in my case at the moment heal...

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer that is able to play the game with details turned up.
- An connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequent disconnects.
- Control of your emotions and a guild first attitude.
- Oblige with raid rules.
Brought a new gaming laptop a few weeks ago, can play on ultra settings and duel screen with 3 accounts logged in and still no fps lag, or any issue I have a solid connection, and computer, last time I dc'd was probably around 3 years ago

Raiding Schedule (invites start 15 minutes before)
- Thursday, 20:30 - 24:00 (10man)
- Sunday, 20:30 - 24:00 (10man)
- Tuesday, 20:30 - 24:00 (optional raid, can be both flex and 10 man)

Participation in at least 1 weekly raid (on average) is the bare minimum. How many of the above raids do you anticipate to be in, on average?
I will definitely make 1 a week no matter what, but 2 raids a week will be average unless something serious pops up


Briefly list your WoW raid experience. Only list progress that was done when it was current expansion, including the class you played them with.
- Vanilla: Didnt raid at all
- TBC: Didnt play due to not playing
- WotLK: My main raid experience here came as a raid leader when i cleared 11/12 hc on my paladin kenpal i cleared every other raid on normal at least with a few hc bosses in each
- Cata: I only really raided in DS due to struggling to find a spot in a raid team on my realm, i managed to get 6/8 hc though on my warlock dotdispenser
- MoP: Only flex raids fell behind due to real life issues recently come back

Have you complete any challenge modes on Gold?
None I only ever attempted one with very bad players and well it didn't start or end well at all to say the least

How do you see your role in raids? What abilities do you use and briefly describe your rotations/priority system.
Currently my role in my current guild is main healer which is relied on too much to heal every because the raid leader doesnt trust any other healers. I tend to keep my healing stream totem up as much as possible when its off cd, and healing rain always up on the raid, using riptide on players to keep up the buff of quicker cast times on healing wave and so on, I mainly use chain heal though if the group is grouped fairly close together as I like to keep the raid up

Explain in detail what talents and glyphs you are using and why.
I'm currently using the talents I have found on due to being told to go there by some decent healers on my realm and everything seems to be working at the moment, Glyphs are currently removed due to changing spec

Please post if applicable a recent WOL report for a raid or a raidbots link. In addition post a screenshot of your UI
None possible that i can find sorry
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Re: Orckesh shaman looking to join your guild :)

Postby Zeilyn » 01 Feb 2014, 12:46

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for your application. As we talked about, the person is more important than the toon, and you were looking for a spot as resto shaman. You'll be given time to both get gear and learn how to play enhancement, no worries. We'll help gear you up in our 25 man farm raids.

You'll be accepted as raider prospect, and once your gear/skills is sorted, we'll grant you a trial.

Welcome to the guild and to the raid team.
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Re: Orckesh shaman looking to join your guild :)

Postby orckesh » 01 Feb 2014, 13:58

Thank you I will try and make the transfer either today or tomorrow morning, I just have to try and catch my GM online to have a chat.

I am gonna start to try get some gear in a moment from LFR to at least get me started and i look forward to being enchancement :)
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