Scut - Fury warrior [FRIEND]

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Scut - Fury warrior [FRIEND]

Postby bighead » 04 Feb 2014, 16:43

Name: Nicu
Age: 33 years old
Location: Romania
Character: Scut, human fury warrior: ... t/advanced.
(I do have a few alts too, though.)

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
Well, i was in some guilds during my WoW "adventure", but i don't really know what happened during MoP with guilds: people are not logging anymore... It gets quite boring.

Tell us a bit about you?
Played since Vanilla, with a couple of breaks, in TBC, Cataclysm and even now, in Pandaland. Got a kid, 8 months old and you know, i don't have that much time on my hands right now. :)

Previous guilds (recently) and why you left them.
I was in a couple of guilds during the years. More or less successful guilds, i've met my share of great people and not-so-great ones. As far as i can remember, i only left one guild to get into another (so far :P). The rest of them sadly disbanded or got severely inactive.

What interests you in this game, why are you playing it:
At this time i play it mainly for fun. I still have some old friends here on Aggy and i like chatting with them from time to time. I mostly log in the evenings, when my kid and girlfriend allow me. :D
I do the weekly LFR and get my share of frustration for the week, working for the shiny cloak now, missing 6 Titan Runestones, leveling some pets and the usual casual stuff. :)
I do miss the "green chat", though and that's the main reason i am looking for a guild right now.
My gear is not that great, but as i am not aiming for the raid part of the game at this moment, i hope i might qualify for an inviteand maybe some ocasion to try the flex part of the raids.
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Re: Scut - Fury warrior social application.

Postby Noesia » 04 Feb 2014, 16:58

Hi Nicu

Thanks for your application.
Please stay tuned for any questions Daimi has for you, as she's responsible for all our "social" players :)
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Re: Scut - Fury warrior social application.

Postby bighead » 04 Feb 2014, 18:29

Will probably be online later, if a "live" chat is more convenient. :)
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Re: Scut - Fury warrior social application.

Postby Daimi » 04 Feb 2014, 22:09

Live chat initiated...
Welcome to Dreamweavers Scut :)
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Re: Scut - Fury warrior social application.

Postby Zeilyn » 05 Feb 2014, 14:59

Welcome to the guild Nicu. I hope you're going to enjoy your stay! :)
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