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thebringer [Accepted]

Postby thebringer » 16 Feb 2014, 16:28

thebringer (Darren)
age 36
location U.K
DPS raid team warlock
item level 561 ... ger/simple

id like to join as my friend truepower raids with you I have raided with you a few weeks now and enjoy all your company and id like to get back to raiding

a bit about me hmm I like pizza have a dirty mind maybe bordering on a mid life crisis lol I have a daughter at 8 years old and also have a partner who has a medical condition that may make the odd raid being difficult or unable to attend as you may remember from thurs as I had to go but I will try to attend every raid im easy going and like to talk :)

I guess I should tell you about my wow experience well my warlock was my main since vanilla my first ever high level char I was in a guild called the immortals right up to the death of the LKbut unfortunately a lot of players stopped playing so after that I joined eather you wouldn't have heard of them its was a closed guild full of friends that was most of cata by then I had switched to my alt dazla a mage I stuck with mage most of cata and then joined vis honor raiding with them was fun a little testy at time I think vis pretty much forgot that raiding was supposed to be fun as well and a learning curve isn't that half of the fun?
I raiding with them right up to 1st raid in panda and then they changed form 25 man to 10 man and ofc they choose the best and friend chars they are unfortunately I wasn't one of them in some ways vis got very selfish and even the flexis stopped and well as planned alt runs vis players do remain some very skilled peeps and even most of them are my friends but I felt to progress I would need a new guild that was working on progressions and ofc would be more fun for me so far I have had great fun and enjoyed dreamweavers people are helpful and friendly and its good to feel part of the raid team again which I have sorely missed I also like to go achevo hunting I enjoy this a lot not that I have got much left lol well hope this is ok guys and see you online !!!!!!!!!!1

thebringer aka darren
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