Resto / ele / enh Shaman [Accepted]

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Resto / ele / enh Shaman [Accepted]

Postby maniku » 25 Feb 2014, 18:49

Name: Jonathan
Location: Sweden
Character: Maniku - Mazrigos
Role applied for: Dps or healer ( able to play any spec tbh )
Progress on legendary quest: 15/20 secrets
Armory Link: ... u/advanced

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
Because I wanna start raid on my shaman and slow it down on my DK [link] ... r/advanced

Tell us a bit about you?
As im 16 im still in school, I do love sports and movies... nothing really much more I can add :P

Recent previous guilds and why you left them?
No really raiding guild on my shaman so no idea why i left :P

What interests you in this game and why are you playing it?
Raided Hardcore in DS after a bit social raiding in T11 and T12 made me start enjoy this game even more, so kept on playing insted of quiting

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer that is able to play the game with details turned up.
- An connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequent disconnects.
- Control of your emotions and a guild first attitude.
- Oblige with raid rules.
Yeah, Raided 25man heroic on my DK so I know it works

Raiding Schedule (invites start 15 minutes before)
- Thursday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Sunday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Tuesday, 20:30 - 24:00 (optional raid, can be flex, 10 man or 25 man)

Participation in at least 1 weekly raid (on average) is the bare minimum. How many of the above raids do you anticipate to be in, on average?
I can join all raid with a 100% attendance


Briefly list your WoW raid experience. Only list progress that was done when it was current expansion, including the class you played them with.
- Vanilla: Didn't play
- TBC: Didn't play
- WotLK: Didn't raid
- Cata: Fully T11 normal, 6/7normal T12, 4/7heroic. 8/8normal + 8/8heroic (realm 4th) aswell as worlds 60th best geared DK T13
- MoP: Curve > Emperor (6/6heroic week 1st week of x-realm) Hof > 5/6normal (6/6normal 1st week after + 6/6heroic a bit later on ToT patch) Toes 4heroic (1st week x-realm > curve) ToT > curve + 2heroic > 13/13heroic 6 weeks into SoO (because of break) All this on my DK (aswell as Curve 10: garrosh + 7/14heroic)

What is your highest results in the Proving Grounds?
Endless 9 on DK (never doing this , gold 7th restoration (3rd elemental)

Have you complete any challenge modes on Gold?
3 times 9/9gold (rogue is on 4/9gold

How do you see your role in raids? What abilities do you use and briefly describe your rotations/priority system.
Depends all what I join as :P Resto keep deeps + tanks up , not very used to dps in raids as shaman , but.. keep my dmg on decent as start... learning enhancement atm D:

Explain in detail what talents and glyphs you are using and why.
I refuse to buy glyphs on my current realm as the normal price of a shit glyph is 300 g +
My talent is totally stolen from the best dps / healer from :P

Please post if applicable a recent WOL report for a raid or a raidbots link. In addition post a screenshot of your UI
Sorry no log on my shaman
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Re: Resto / ele / enh Shaman

Postby Zeilyn » 26 Feb 2014, 10:40

Thank you for your application and the chat in-game Jonathan.

Stay tuned for any questions that might arise.
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Re: Resto / ele / enh Shaman

Postby maniku » 26 Feb 2014, 23:42

Update > done with the secret line < ,will get at least 2 titans as I have whole tot left (making my own weekly ToT heroic runs... ra-den + lei shen which is 100%
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Re: Resto / ele / enh Shaman

Postby Zeilyn » 27 Feb 2014, 10:46


I just want to reiterate one paragraph in our raiding rules
"Our guild raiding style is blind raiding, or spoiler-free raiding if you will. If this style sounds appealing to you, read on.

Our raiding style means that we will not be using pre-written tactics or videos unless we get stuck. We want the adventurous feeling of going in and not know beforehand what to do. So, when on a new boss, what happens is that we briefly discuss the important abilities listed in the dungeon journal, then we give it a go, and start building the strategy based on what we learn. Everyone can contribute, and we also extensively use worldoflogs to figure out what went wrong."

If that's a style you'd relish, we're ready to grant you a trial as enhancement.

Also, you're DK has 7/14 hc, I assume you got that with a guild, and why did you decide not to raid with them anymore ?

Let an officer know when you have moved over :)
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Re: Resto / ele / enh Shaman

Postby maniku » 27 Feb 2014, 13:48

Our raidleader + Officer (assistant raidleader) switched teams... left guild on its own... so all just started to leave, I was almost by my own left in guild
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Re: Resto / ele / enh Shaman

Postby maniku » 01 Mar 2014, 16:07

Any officer online? Im on aggramar in 20minutes, I'm in realm change que :D
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