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Spaktus - Hunter [FRIEND]

Postby Spaktus » 03 Mar 2014, 21:36

About You
Hi, im Mads and i have looked for a good friendly guild thats raiding. Then i found Dreamweavers.
Im a normal boy that loves to play with others and chat

Name: Mads
Age: 15
Location: Denmark
Character: Survival Hunter (Spaktus)
Role applied for: Ranged DPS
Progress on legendary quest: Atm i am on the legendary quest "Echoes of the Titans" and i have 8/12 so almost done with that.
Armory Link: ... tus/simple

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
I was looking for a new guild and the suddenly Zeilyn was writing in the 1.General that they were searching for members so i thought that i would give it a try. I was very lucky because Dreamweavers is a very good guild and im happy to be in it. I wanted to join the guild because Zeilyn was telling a bit of the guild and i thought it sounded good.

Tell us a bit about you?
Im a 15 year old boy that loves to raid and meeting new people. So to be a raider of this guild would mean a lot for me. When im not playing wow, i go to school in Denmark and doing alots of sports.

Recent previous guilds and why you left them?
The Loving Murlocs:
The reason why i left the guild was because of it was kinda dead for me. Nobody was raiding and was talking to me or anything like that.

What interests you in this game and why are you playing it?
I think its a very fun game where you can learn new people to know and play with each other. Im playing it because of the things in the game, because its a game that you easy can play with your friends, and because i think its funny.

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer that is able to play the game with details turned up.
- An connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequent disconnects.
- Control of your emotions and a guild first attitude.
- Oblige with raid rules.

Raiding Schedule (invites start 15 minutes before)
- Thursday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Sunday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Tuesday, 20:30 - 24:00 (optional raid, can be flex, 10 man or 25 man)

Participation in at least 1 weekly raid (on average) is the bare minimum. How many of the above raids do you anticipate to be in, on average?
I might be able to be in all of them almost every time. maybe sometime i cant because of all the homeworks. but im pretty sure that i can join almost every time.

Briefly list your WoW raid experience. Only list progress that was done when it was current expansion, including the class you played them with.
- Vanilla: Wasnt playing
- TBC: Wasnt playing
- WotLK: Wasnt playing
- Cata: Paladin (Tank)
- MoP: Hunter (Survival)
havent played that much before Cata so i havent been able to do so many of them
What is your highest results in the Proving Grounds?
I Havent get that far in Proving grounds yet but i am sure that i will be doing it a lot more, so my score will be raised

Have you complete any challenge modes on Gold?
Nope none Challenge modes yet because i never find a group that is good enough....

How do you see your role in raids? What abilities do you use and briefly describe your rotations/priority system.
I see my role as the dps and im listening to what the others are saying to me. I use serpent sting alot to give DOT dmg and the same with Black arrow.
else i use Explosive shot, Multi-Shot and Glaive Toss to give AOE dmg. Cobra shot am i using to regenerate focus. I use Arcane shot on single targets when i have to give dps on one add or boss

Explain in detail what talents and glyphs you are using and why.
In my Armory link you can see my talents and glyph. I have those because i think thats, those talents are the one for Survival hunter in Raiding.

Please post if applicable a recent WOL report for a raid or a raidbots link. In addition post a screenshot of your UI
I have alot of good adons that a very fine for raiding. Recount so can see your dps on the whole raid. Deadly boss mods so you can see when the bosses are casting the spells so you can move away or what you have to do. GTFO tells me when im standing in fire or other. im also using Spellflash. Im using a lot more addons but those are most for some other things that not includes raiding tho.
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Re: Want to be Raider - Prospect

Postby Carme » 03 Mar 2014, 22:36

Are you sure your ok to raid to the end of raid time which is 24:00 GT ? What time is that where you are?

I guess we can swap you out at a reasonable time for your schooling when/if required, what time would you suggest is the latest you can raid to without being tired for school the next day?

Times will not effect your application, just something we need to be aware of as raid leaders.



P.S. You need to work on maximising your dps, are you willing to go read hunter tips/tricks and/or take helpful criticism from other hunters when needed?
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Re: Want to be Raider - Prospect

Postby Spaktus » 04 Mar 2014, 20:13

Hi, i can play to 22.00 22.30 for almost every time.
And yeah i am willing to read tricks and tacts and get criticism from other hunters so i can get better, i would be happy if they would say something that could help me to get better even on a hard way.
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Re: Want to be Raider - Prospect

Postby Noesia » 05 Mar 2014, 15:35

Hi Spaktus.

Thanks for applying.

We really need raiders that can stay the full raid time and have more experience. I suggest you stick around as "Friend" rank and join the farm raids when possible to get the stuff you want, as we disenchant alot of loot and most people have what they need on normal.

That means that we can't accept you as trial as it is right now.
If you prove in farm raids than you can come prepared and ready (READ THE RAID RULES!) and you can be stable and perform as wanted, your application will be reconsidered.

You're free to organize your own flex raids or normal Alt raids within the guild at earlier times if you want. Have a chat with Daimi and Carme about it. Daimi because she's our guildmaster and needs to approve you organizing stuff, Carme because he's already talking about Alt/farm raids.
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