Rorke - Fury Warrior [WITHDRAWN]

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Rorke - Fury Warrior [WITHDRAWN]

Postby Rorke » 17 Mar 2014, 22:29

About You

Name: Rob
Age: 22
Location: United Kingdom
Character: Rorke
Role applied for: Melee DPS
Progress on legendary quest: Farming the last few Titan runestones!!!
Armory Link: ... e/advanced

Why do you want to join us and how did you know about us?
Unlike most guild you do not judge a player by his gear rather than his attitude to being a good player

Tell us a bit about you?
I have a job that doesnt allow me to play as much as id like! im a social player but knows what to do during raids,
Iv'e been playing WoW since 2007, and i still enjoy as much as i did when i first played it.

Recent previous guilds and why you left them?
Havnt been in a proper guild since before i had to go inactive at the start of MoP

What interests you in this game and why are you playing it?
Hard to put into words but its not like any other game iv'e ever come across, iv'e made life long friends through this game and consider it a part of my life.

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer that is able to play the game with details turned up.
- An connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequent disconnects.
- Control of your emotions and a guild first attitude.
- Oblige with raid rules.
Have a New damn powerful PC, typically around 50-80ms rarely disconnect, Absolutely i'm old enough to control my emotions.

Raiding Schedule (invites start 15 minutes before)
- Thursday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Sunday, 20:30 - 24:00 (25man)
- Tuesday, 20:30 - 24:00 (optional raid, can be flex, 10 man or 25 man)

Participation in at least 1 weekly raid (on average) is the bare minimum. How many of the above raids do you anticipate to be in, on average?
All of them unless something drastic happens!


Briefly list your WoW raid experience. Only list progress that was done when it was current expansion, including the class you played them with.
- Vanilla: N/A
- TBC: Cleared all but SWP, BT
- WotLK: Cleared every raid at the time it was current. with numerous on Hardmode / Heroic
- Cata: Cleared all raids (apart from raggy HC), all bosses in Dragon soul on heroic.
- MoP: As i unsubscribed shortly when MoP was released i have only participated in LFR. And a brief normal run through SoO which ended with 8/14 bosses down.

What is your highest results in the Proving Grounds?
In the brief attempt i achieved silver, forgot it even existed tbh!

Have you complete any challenge modes on Gold?
Currently 1/9, rather difficult to find a competent group.

How do you see your role in raids? What abilities do you use and briefly describe your rotations/priority system.
To deal damage! To not die and avoid unnecessary damage and be accepting of wipes.
During Colossus Smash-Heroic Strike(every available global cooldown)-Raging Blow (if i have 2 charges)-Bloodthirst (if i have 1 or 0 Raging Blow charges)-Raging Blow (when Bloodthirst is not available);
Wild Strike (when neither Bloodthirst, nor Raging Blow are available).

Explain in detail what talents and glyphs you are using and why.
it depends on the fight really I have gone for the talent that either provides the best situational abilities and the best damage output.
Glyph of Death from Above - good for fights that require you to move asap!
Glyph of Unending rage - Generally a good glyph helps to manage rage
Glyph of Colossus Smash - added sunder armor to benefit dps

Please post if applicable a recent WOL report for a raid or a raidbots link. In addition post a screenshot of your UI Just my personal prefence i like to keep my UI as the default
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Re: Rorke - Fury Warrior

Postby Zeilyn » 17 Mar 2014, 23:00

Thanks a lot for your application Rob,

Could you add me on realid for a chat Zeilyn#1319 ?
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Re: Rorke - Fury Warrior

Postby Francker » 18 Mar 2014, 10:03


not a fan of the short answers but that might just be me thatds odd.

have a few questions if you dont mind, for how long have you been back in the game?
i looked at your sceenshot and though i respect your preference and right to keep your interface standard i'm curious if you use any proc tracking addon like Tellmewhen or weakaura?
further more, howcome so few of your abilities is hotkeyed?

and lastly would you be able to provide a sceenshot of dmg meter during a dmg session on a targetdummy now that the WoL report is missing?

Best of luck with your application regards naxoz
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Re: Rorke - Fury Warrior

Postby Rorke » 19 Mar 2014, 20:12

Afternoon, Thanks for your replies!

I tried to avoid long boring to read text chunks and focus on the important stuff,
I'm currently in the process of rejigging and changing some hotkeys (new keyboard) and addons which does include tellmewhen i just have been busy with lots of peoples birthdays and haven't had the time!

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